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what we offer

Your personalized family road map

At your initial consultation I will come to you to discuss a vision for your family’s future. Together we will uncover where your family is right now, and then where you want to go.


  • Are you new parents seeking expert help in navigating exciting but unfamiliar territory?

  • Do you find yourself at the end of the day overwhelmed by the demands of raising a family and in need of understanding, support, and a plan of action to get to a place of less stress and more contentment with your family life?

  • Are you a couple (or divorced parents) seeking to be more cohesive and collaborative in your parenting, to ensure that you are on the same page when it comes to boundaries, discipline, and rules?

I will then take what information we discover together and use it to compile a customized Family Life Model. Your Model will consist of services tailored to your family’s specific needs.

Services we offer include...
  • Hands-on training, for parents & caregivers

  • Tools to facilitate smooth developmental transitions

  • Parenting Style & Child Temperament Assessments

  • Customized action plans unique to your family

  • Pro-active versus re-active strategies

  • Techniques for balancing love and discipline

  • Strengthening of inter-family relationships

  • Personalized Resources List

  • Personalized in-home services

  • Non-judgmental pro/con advice

  • Warm and understanding support

  • Help choosing childcare & educational options