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About Your Family Guru

Family consultant
Your Family Guru is Valarie Stephens, a family consultant and parenting coach based out of Orlando, FL.  

Valarie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from UCF. She is passionate about educating, preparing and supporting parents as they navigate the tricky waters of raising a family.


As a nanny for over 20 years, Valarie's professional experience has afforded her a unique skill-set unlike other's whom you might seek parenting advice. She has helped to raise dozens of children and has gained a comprehensive knowledge of children, families and parenting methods.

Like you, she is a parent, so she understands that you don't need more impractical parenting advice that doesn't fit your life or parenting style. She knows first-hand all the joys and hardships of being a parent.


Her coaching style is positive and  collaborative, as she helps parents plan and implement pro-active action-based methods and solutions to every day family living. In short, understanding families and helping parents is Valarie's super power.

Contact Valarie today to see how she can help you take the guesswork out of parenting.

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