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Your Family Guru:
  is THE resource, that helps you discover, create, & apply ALL THINGS parenting.
Being a parent is a tough job. But you don't have to do it alone.
You have an ally in us.
Don't you deserve a support system? Doesn't your family deserve an expert?
Reach out today for help to:
  • Set attainable goals.
  • Cultivate more cooperation & less struggle.
  • Get in tune with each of your family members.
  • Trade unproductive standard practices for innovative interactive solutions.
  • Be more consistent, more resilient, AND more empathetic.
  • Be PRO-active, rather than RE-active.
  • Find BALANCE to juggle all your roles successfully.
  • Appreciate & enjoy your family more!
At YOUR FAMILY GURU, we  use evidence-based resources combined with comprehensive personal analysis, &  practical experience to help you:


Parent smarter, not harder- with personalized parenting plans & solutions.

Successfully navigate, interpret, & apply the myriad of facts, opinions, & latest trends.

Learn your parenting style & how to apply your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, & avoid personality clashes with your child, spouse, or co-parent.

Get insight into your child's  temperament & current developmental stage- so you better grasp her personal motivations, struggles, & needs in order to set appropriate boundaries & expectations.

Foster family unity by using positive collaborative, team-building approaches.

As a parent do you want to:

Raise healthy, responsible, & flourishing kids? 


Feel more confident in your parenting skills & ability?

Create strong bonds, healthy attitudes, & family unity?