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Your Family Guru

is THE resource, that helps you discover, create,
& apply ALL THINGS parenting.
Being a parent is a tough job.
But you don't have to do it alone.
You have an ally in us.
YOU deserve a support system. 
YOUR FAMILY deserves an expert.

Why Your Family Guru?

Boys, kids, children on phones
Kids, siblings playing
Our methods are:
  • proven & effective.
  • creative & comprehensive.
  • based on science & hands-on experience. 
  • pro-active & positive versus re-active & negative.

  • personalized to fit YOU, YOUR child, YOUR family.

Still unsure?

Give us a try for free. 


FREE 30 min phone consult for first-time clients. 

No topic too big or small. If it's outside our realm of expertise, we will refer you to the appropriate resource.

If your question is answered in 30 min, awesome! Glad we could help!

Need more time? You will be given options for every budget, including FREE resources.

Regular phone consult price is $100 for up to 1 hour+ $1 each additional min (over 60) per session.

Right now, phone consults are cut in half- $50, to better support you in these unprecedented times. 

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